Catering to Chocolate Lovers Everywhere!

3D Chocolate Factory Inc came about when its owner, James Goranson, was contemplating a variety of ways to best market his ideas of using today's incredible 3D technology together with a great subject, chocolate.

Adding to his initial idea of creating custom orders for customers, James added an online store to his business model, as well as the capability of selling what he has been assured is the most technologically advanced 3D chocolate printers, to chocolateers in both Canada and the USA.

Headquartered in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, James has set up a network of superb quality suppliers across North America. Ensuring fast delivery of all online orders is a priority for 3d Chocolate Factory and our customers can be assured of a great variety of choices.

Our Vision

Our intent is to supply the highest quality product at the most desirable pricing, filling a need by customers to access fabulous chocolate gifts for friends and family. We look forward to consistent growth, both in sales and employee workforce size.

The world of 3D Chocolate Printing

Choc Edge was the first company to produce a 3D chocolate printer - the 3D printer now used by 3D Chocolate Factory Inc is the newest version of this original printer from Choc Edge. The following video covered the excitement of creating the first such printer, with newest innovations being added to it as time went on.