3D Chocolate Printer Various Uses

The following is a sampling of uses by confectionery professionals that are possible with the 3D chocolate technology as offered through 3D Chocolate Factory Inc.

Personalised Chocolate Bars

  • With Choc Edge's Choc Text app chocolatiers can easily create STL models of customers' names and print them within a matter of minutes.
  • Using the magnets included with the machine, flat chocolate bars can be easily aligned beneath the printhead.

Customised Chocolate Art

  • With our web-based Mix & Match app, users can combine their own text with 50+ STL templates from our varied design library, to create unique and artistic chocolate products.
  • Alternatively, our CHOCDRAW Android app enables users to create their own simple drawings and print them instantly via the printer's Wi-Fi connection. These drawings can then be printed onto a large (at least 10x10cm), flat, and edible substrate.

Corporate Gifts

  • The Choc Creator is unbeatable when it comes to the production of premium corporate gifts. The designs are usually simple, like a company logo which looks great in 2.5D, and can be produced in large quantities for special events.
  • No substrate is required for 2.5D designs as they are solid enough to pick up and handle without support.

Cake Decorations

  • Users can print their own simple drawings from our CHOCDRAW Android app onto an edible substrate, which can then be placed onto a cake.
  • Choose from a range of Choc Edge's own ready-made 3D designs or make your own using freeware.

Dessert Garnishes

  • The Choc Creator can produce large quantities of simple 2D designs which are perfect for finishing off desserts and ice creams.
  • Whether delicate and artistic garnishes or simple and fun ice cream decorations, miniature designs can be printed in sheets of up to 16 which can then be picked up and placed onto the dessert.

Coffee Toppers

  • Pre-existing 2.5D designs can be printed and then placed onto foam-heavy styles of coffee. [Note: Best served as a side garnish.]
  • With our web-based Simple Text app a customer's initials can be printed to create a truly personalised coffee experience.

Children's Workshops

  • The Choc Creator is the perfect way to introduce children to the concepts involved in graphic design and 3D printing, and also offers a fun and engaging experience.
  • With our CHOCDRAW Android app, children can create their own simple drawings on a tablet then instantly print them via the printer's Wi-Fi connection.
  • The machine could be used as part of a stand-alone workshop on 3D printing or to supplement an existing chocolate workshop. With parents often wanting to take part, you may find this leads to a demand for an adult workshop.